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Uhuru Kenyatta finally congratulates President-elect William Ruto

Retiring President Uhuru Kenyatta has finally congratulated President-elect William Ruto upon his election as the fifth Head of State.

The retiring President also wished Ruto all the best as he takes over the reins ahead of Tuesday’s inauguration at the Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani.

“You are the President of all Kenyans, not just those that voted for you,” said President Kenyatta.
“I wish and pray for your success as your success will be the success of all Kenyans.”

The retiring President made the sentiments in his final address to the nation at State House, Nairobi, hours after he met with the President-elect, who served as his Deputy President for nine years.

President Kenyatta also reiterated his intent to hand over power on Tuesday.

“I will emulate that honoured tradition and hand over the mantle to my successor, The Hon. William Ruto. I am profoundly grateful for the honour and privilege you bestowed upon me to serve as the Fourth President of the Great Republic of Kenya.”

The President also hinted at retiring from active politics as he thanked Kenyans for the opportunity to serve them in various capacities.

“I thank you all for the immense opportunities you have accorded me to serve in various public roles over the last two and a half decades, which have included: Chairman of the Kenya Tourism Board, Member of the Jomo Kenyatta University Council, Chairperson of Disaster Emergency Response Committee, Member of Parliament, Cabinet Minister serving in the Ministries of Local Government, Trade and Finance, The Leader of the Official Opposition, Deputy Prime Minister, and as the President of the Republic. I also salute the people of Gatundu South for the honour of having served as their Member of Parliament.”

The president used the opportunity to highlight the achievements his administration has attained in the past decade.

Today marks the end of President Kenyatta’s 10 years era in power with Dr Ruto as his deputy, and his successor will be the second man in command.

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