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Uhuru Kenyatta’s role in Azimio now in doubt as statesman job is confirmed

By Wangu Kanuri September 16th, 2022 2 min read

The African Union has confirmed former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s role in building peace in the Great Lakes region.

The confirmation was made by the Bureau of African Affairs in a post.

“We welcome the appointment of Uhuru Kenyatta as peace envoy for the conflict in Northern Ethiopia and in Eastern DRC. A critical time for both conflicts – his work will be crucial.”

The former president’s role was announced by his successor William Ruto during the inauguration.

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“On the peace initiatives in our region including both in Ethiopia and Great Lakes Region, I have asked my elder brother President Uhuru Kenyatta who has done commendable engagement with those regions and he has graciously agreed to continue chairing those discussions on behalf of the people of Kenya,” he said.

President Ruto confirmed he had discussed the job with the retired president and he had accepted the role but will Mr Kenyatta become a politician and statesman at the same time? What will happen to his role as Azimio chairman?

Even though the law doesn’t bar him from doubling in the roles, it appears the former President will have to make up his mind on whether to remain in active politics.

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Mr Kenyatta is the chairman of Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition, having taken up the role in April.

The coalition fronted Mr Raila Odinga for the presidency but lost to Dr Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza Alliance. The political outfit challenged the election results at the Supreme Court which upheld Dr Ruto’s victory.

As Azimio chairperson,  Mr Kenyatta is expected to strategize, recruit and retain members amidst organizing the coalition’s political activities. Additionally, he is responsible for chairing the coalition’s meetings.

On Thursday, Mr Odinga revisited the Supreme Court ruling, while accusing the Judiciary of participating in a scheme to destroy the country’s democracy.

“We respected the apex court but we do not agree with their findings. We are waiting for the final detailed judgement they said they will issue because we have less than 10 days,” Mr Odinga said.

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