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Uhuru launches Nairobi clean up twice, but garbage going nowhere – PHOTOS

Nairobians have noted that President Uhuru Kenyatta has been pictured cleaning up the city twice in five years, but the garbage menace still persists.

His latest was Sunday’s clean up exercise in Kamukunji.

Photos of the president clasping a long handled broom were similar to another clean up exercise he launched in June 2013 in Mathare.

In both clean ups, Governor Mike Sonko was at the forefront, first in 2013 as a Senator and now as the man being blamed for the heaps of garbage in the capital city.

Both initiatives were meant to launch a regular clean up exercise of the city, with promises that such initiatives will be held every month..

Online, Kenyans questioned why the president did not follow up on the first clean up exercise he launched in Mathare and termed the recent one as a mockery to Nairobians.

The city has been choking in garbage but Governor Sonko keeps blaming contractors awarded tenders by his predecessor.

@MuneneBrown replied; “I ask again. Are we (Kenyans) really this gullible? But then again, this is what happens when we engage in knee-jerk reactions to process-based initiatives that require proper planning for sustainability. What are you talking about, Martin? It’s PR after all!”

@Mwitikithinji questioned; “When will our leaders stop bullshit and actually use the little resources we have for the benefit of the citizens of this country.”

@TonyMurega replied; “Double tragic when we factor the electorate collective amnesia. No amount of disappointment in leaders would make us lose hope in them and no amount of times we try old failed methods, and fail over again, would make us abandon them. Tragicomic infinum.”

@Obrah added; “?? Ehh. Lakini PR antics stopped working a while back. Optics don’t impress any more, nah.”

@CharlieOgada stated; “Procurement of those broomsticks has bought someone a V8 somewhere. That I can bet on bottom most dollar that I lack at moment.”