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Uhuru: Let’s play Kenyan content, buy Kenyan products

President Uhuru Kenyatta has appealed to local media houses to air more Kenyan content during this period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kenyatta, while addressing the country on Labour Day, said that now is the time that Kenyans should unite to help flatten the coronavirus curve and joblessness.

And this, he said, can be done by embracing local content and products.

“To survive this pandemic we must look inwards…As our media dominates our living rooms, our mobile phones, I want to appeal to all of you to think only of our country,” the president said.

“Play our Kenyan history, Kenyan music, Kenyan soap operas, Kenyan everything. If media plays Kenyan content, Kenyan content will build media after coronavirus,” he added.

The Head of State also said that manufacturing sector can also be saved if we all start buying Kenyan to build Kenya.

“It is during a great crisis, he added, that great opportunities are created, through spending our money on Kenyans so that in turn they can get to keep their jobs and feed their families.”

He called for discarding of the long-held prejudice against Kenyan made products.

“And this we must do by embracing that which is Kenyan. We must buy Kenyan and built Kenya, and that is how we shall survive. Let us spend our money among our own people so that in turn they can get to keep their jobs and feed their families.

“To save jobs in our manufacturing sector, we must shed some of our long held prejudices against Kenyan made products and embrace them. Let us buy what we make, whether it is cooking oil, soap, Sufurias, spoons, bicycles, furniture or locally assembled cars. If we do that we will build Kenya.”

President Kenyatta also called on employers who insist on formal wear for their employees to consider including African attire in their company dress codes.