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Uhuru mulls asking Bensouda to investigate post-election violence in the US -VIDEO

President Uhuru Kenyatta now says he has mulled asking the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate cases of the post-election violence in the United States following street protests over the election of Republican Donald Trump as president earlier this month.

The president, addressing some dignitaries, appears to make comments in jest or as if to highlight what he has in the past called the hypocrisy of the court.

He said: “The people of the United States, they have elected a president and we accepted their sovereign right to do so. Despite the fact that there were violent demonstrations. In fact I was tempted to look for (ICC prosecutor) Fatou Bensouda to put a case against post-election violence in the United States.”

At least one person was shot in the three-day anti-Trump protests in the US. Many used the hashtag #NotMyPresident to air their dislike for the president-elect, who floored Democrat Hillary Clinton in the November 8 general election.

Mr Kenyatta was elected president in March 2013 against a concerted campaign by Western leaders since he had been charged at the ICC, alongside his deputy William Ruto, for their alleged role in the post-2007 election violence.

More than 1,000 people died and 500,000 others were uprooted from their homes. In the anti-ICC campaign that ensued, both Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto argued that ICC was applying justice selectively, targeting only African leaders.