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This is what Uhuru has to say on Chris Msando’s murder

President Uhuru Kenyatta has finally spoken out on the murder of IEBC ICT manager Chris Msando.

Mr Msando’s body was found in a thicket in Nguriunditu area in Kikuyu on Saturday morning, hours after he went missing.The body of a naked woman wasl also found near his.

The body was taken to city mortuary where it was later identified by family members, bringing a close to two days of searching.

President Kenyatta, in a statement on Tuesday, said he was deeply shocked by the murder of Mr Msando and Caro Ngumbu.

He went on to eulogise the ICT boss as “a man who gave himself to the service of his country, and its institutions.”

President Kenyatta urged Kenyans to let investigators get to the bottom of the murder.


“It is appropriate, then, to let those institutions handle the investigation, the better to bring the doers of this foul deed to justice. Careless speculation in this time of grief only makes the work of investigators harder, and it only adds to the pain of those who loved him. Let us respect his life, his achievements, and his memory by allowing these investigations to proceed calmly,” read the statement.

The statement comes in the wake of investigations into the murder of Mr Msando as the US and Britain on Monday offered to assist the Kenyan government.

President Kenyatta also stated that “the Republic must secure the lives, the property, and the safety of its people — and it will.”

“But beyond that, we must remain united. This is not the time to allow a tragedy such as this to divide us, to turn brother against brother. In the face of death, we stand strong together: so that we can mourn a patriot; so that we can comfort his family and those he loved; and so that the ideal for which he lived— the free and fair choice of our leaders — is realised,” read the statement.