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Uhuru scoffs at MPs’ push for free houses and cars – VIDEO

President Uhuru Kenyatta has slammed Members of Parliament for backing a bill that if passed will see the legislators provided with rent-free housing and cars.

Among the proposals in the bill is that all 416 members and Speakers of the two Houses be given official residences or a “suitable house allowance” in line with the Employment Act.

Other proposed perks include a government vehicle, an expanded medical cover, travel allowances and an expanded constituency outreach operation.


But speaking at the coast Mr Kenyatta chastised the legislators for seeking hefty perks without considering the plight of the citizens whom they represent in Parliament.

“Surely, with all due respect, every one of us wants to live a good life. But before we, as leaders, live a good life shouldn’t we first make sure that our people are living a good life?” the president posed.

“Kwa sababu hata ingekuwa hivyo, huyo mwananchi hangekuwa na shida hata kama unajilipa shilingi milioni moja kama yeye umemtengenezea yake. Lakini sasa jameni mwananchi ni maskini hana hata ya kukula, lakini akifunguwa gazeti anaona wajumbe wamejipatia pesa,” the president went on.

President Kenyatta made the remarks while addressing the 1st Jumuiya Agribusiness and Blue Economy Investment Conference in Mombasa.