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Uhuru steps in to stop fuel price increase as he prepares to vacate office

President Uhuru Kenyatta has authorized an additional fuel subsidy of Sh 16 billion to alleviate the high prices of the commodity.

This is expected to be the last time that President Kenyatta will subsidize fuel prices ahead of the end of his term office after the August 9 General Election.

Through the subsidy, Kenyans will now purchase diesel at Sh 140, petrol at Sh 159.12 and kerosene at  Sh 127.94.

“We have over the last year implemented a fuel stabilization programme that has offered reprieve to Kenyans at the pump through a subsidy of Sh 101.852 billion, to date. This programme has ensured that our fuel prices remain the most affordable in the East and Central Africa Region,” the Office of the President said in a statement.

The Office of the President also said the government will continue rolling out similar actions to cushion Kenyan consumers from further increases in the cost of living.

In the last six months alone, fuel prices have increased by nearly 70 per cent.

The increase in fuel prices has been attributed to instability caused by the Russia-Ukraine war, which has resulted in a high cost of living in the country.

Without State interventions, the pump prices of diesel would have been Sh 193.64 while petrol and kerosene would be retailing at Sh 209.95 and Sh 181.13 respectively.