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Uhuru threatens to punish chiefs working for Nasa

August 2nd, 2017 2 min read

President Kenyatta has threatened to punish chiefs working with the opposition National Super Alliance (Nasa).

Mr Kenyatta on Wednesday said his administration had not only given members of the provincial administration a lifeline but also boosted their positons.

“You should appreciate that the allowances you are drawing and the motorcycles you ride are properties of Jubilee,” he said during a Jubilee campaign in Makueni.

“The others had sidelined you.”


He was referring to opposition leaders’ push for the provincial administration to be scrapped after the adoption of the 2010 Constitution.

The Raila Odinga-led camp wanted chiefs, their assistants, district officers, district commissioners and provincial commissioners sent home, saying they were an “unnecessary duplication” and “a threat to devolution”.

The last three posts have since been renamed deputy county commissioner, county commissioner and regional coordinator, respectively.

Mr Odinga has also changed his tune and has been courting the administrators in Nasa campaigns countrywide.

Mr Kenyatta threatened to take action against pro-Nasa chiefs if he wins the August 8 General Election.

“We know what you are doing and we shall deal with you after the elections,” he said.


His threats come amid a clash between Jubilee and the opposition over the use of state officers and resources in campaigns.

Mr Odinga’s camp has accused Jubilee of using State officers and resources to court voters and scheme how to deny Nasa victory.

The president also opposed the Nasa adopt-polling-station plan, saying it will not be allowed on Election Day.

The opposition has urged its supporters to stay put at polling stations after casting their ballots to guard votes and prevent rigging.

But Mr Kenyatta said voters should leave polling stations immediately after voting.

A similar order has been issued by the police and the electoral commission.

In his Makueni campaign, the Jubilee leader exuded confidence that he would defeat Mr Odinga in the first round.