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Uhuru: Witchcraft was used to dissuade voters – VIDEO

President Uhuru Kenyatta has alleged that witchcraft was used to ensure Kenyans do not turn up to vote in the repeat election on October 26.

The president made the claims on Monday moments after he was awarded the winner’s certificate alongside his deputy, William Ruto.

“Despite the fact that my major competitor went to court demanding the Presidential election be nullified and was granted that annulment, he chose to ignore the rest of the ruling which ordered a fresh election in 60 days conducted by IEBC. Thereafter he chose to abandon the fresh poll.  You cannot choose the opportunity to exercise a right and abscond from the consequences of that choice,” said Mr Kenyatta.


“In line with the verdict, l chose to abide by the Court ruling.  I went back to our people and once again appealed for their vote. I take this opportunity to thank all those who turned up in these fresh elections despite violent intimidation and witchcraft.”

He did not expound on who used witchcraft to dissuade voters.

Mr Kenyatta garnered 7,483,895 votes, which is 98.27pc of the valid votes cast in the fresh election held last week and which was boycotted by his main challenger, Nasa’s Raila Odinga.

Calculated against the 19,611,423 registered voters, turnout was 38.84 per cent. But the president does not think that was low.

“Many Kenyans exercised their democratic rights. The narrative locally and internationally therefore the voter turnout was low is inaccurate.  It is nothing but a history of political convenience and a tirade of conjuncture statistics,” he said.