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Uhuru’s bouncer who saved Moses Kuria in Kitui

On Saturday when Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria was being roughed up in Kitui during the BBI rally, he owed his safety to one man who bulldozed his way through the charged crowd as he shepherded the legislator to the podium.

Billy Arocho Otungu is President Uhuru Kenyatta’s longtime friend who doubles up as his bouncer mostly during the campaign periods.

The former director of the Athi Water Services Board said he would not have watched Kuria being roughed up even though he doesn’t agree with the legislator’s point on views.

“I personally often disagree sharply on most of Hon Kuria’s way of articulating national issues but I could never see any VIP regardless of political affiliations being mishandled the way this almost turning into #AniWuoJomopodpekndi,” Billy posted on Facebook.

Kuria was manhandled after Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu ordered his removal from the meeting for allegedly insulting President Kenyatta.

“No one can insult President Uhuru and be allowed at my meeting. Get him out!” Ngilu demanded.

The newly-sworn in Kiambu Governor James Nyoro supported the move by Ngilu to have Kuria forcefully removed from the venue.

“Remove him, remove him and take him to Gatundu! What has he come to do in Ukambani? Carry him out of the dais immediately,” the governor could be heard urging.


Arocho was later lauded by Kenyans for shielding Kuria.

“You were at the right time, doing the right thing, it could have taken another angle, the mob is bad, am sure you also received stray pains that were directed to him. God is good you saved him and be blessed,” Robert Omusawa Situma commented.

“Arocho Bill Otunga that was the best part of that BBI rally yesterday, an example which should be emulated everywhere. Sasa nataka ukujia kiti ya woodley ward 2022, kuja tupange,” Dominic Njue posted.

“Arocho Bill Otunga as much as we dis agree on somethings what you did was very honorable and mature thank you on behalf of Jamba ya ruri Asante kaka,” Kenn Mesora said.

In the 2013- 2017 election Arocho was an ever permanent fixture in President Kenyatta’s convoy.

For his loyalty to the president, he was rewarded with an appointment as a Director of Athi Water Services Board in 2015.