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Uhuru’s central Kenya supporters fuming at ‘Washenzi’ remark

By PETER MBURU January 8th, 2019 2 min read

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ‘washenzi’ remark targeted at central Kenya leaders who want him to ‘take development’ to his backyard has sparked outrage among hi supporters.

Many feel they have been offered a raw deal.

The president’s supporters, who in 2017 referred to themselves as his safari ants, are now all over the social media lamenting that the president has insulted them.

“What (we are) undergoing on the ground especially in Kiambu is very sad and when we ask to be treated like the rest of the country we are called #Washenzi,” Dennis maina started the rant.

Samuel Gachoki could not imagine himself being a recipient of such a remark, literally seeking clarification.

“‏@UKenyatta I did not know what you meant by washenzi, is it us or who were you addressing? Do you remember this statement,”mangai jeshi mutikanguithie” (in the name of God, army, never let me down),” he posed.

“(We) graduated to washenzi…. why should we praise HANDSHAKE while we’re buying sugar at 200 unga 200..!!!! nigutee #washenzi,” stated Chris Daniel.

In the wake of the remarks, the president’s supporters are now planning to revenge.

‏”(We) wamekua ‘shenzi’ thank you, you’ll come to tell us to vote that deputy of yours utajua hujui,” James Gitahi swore.

While others have already realised where they belong.

“If u r not part of the dynasties, get uaself where u belong. U r part of Jeshi, hustler, u r the common factor wacha kujifanya. Be real. Ama namna gani my friend?” Gissingah GK stated.

Central Kenya leaders who have been criticizing Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 Presidential ambition are having an easy ride.

“There has been debate as to whether Mt Kenya has been receiving any development. Tanga Tanga legislators have been criss crossing Mt Kenya counties with DP William Ruto. When criticized for starting 2022 campaigns early, they said the DP was launching development projects, where are those projects. “Kitaeleweka,” Nyeri town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu posted on his Facebook.