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Uhuru’s chief arrested, hours after exposing his horrid working condition – VIDEO

The chief administering President Uhuru Kenyatta’s official residence was over the weekend arrested, just hours after a story of his dilapidated office was aired by a local TV station.

State House, Nairobi, is the most famous address in Kilimani division, one of Nairobi’s most upmarket locations that enjoys round-the-clock security.

But the local administrator works in a slummy iron sheet shed that is padded by carton papers to spare the occupant from the Nairobi heat.

Kilimani Chief Patrick Adira was arrested Friday after a story on the sorry state of his office ran on Citizen TV.

Police say the chief was arrested for skipping the mention of a court case on March 26 in an ongoing forgery case.


Chief Adira had during the Citizen TV story lamented how his office gets uncomfortable during the hot weather and thanked residents who have in the past donated furniture.

Nairobi County Commissioner Amos Mariba told Citizen TV that the government is in the process of upgrading offices of chiefs across Nairobi.

Mariba added that Chief Adira had been arrested after a warrant of arrest issued on March 26 after he skipped court mention.

Chief Adira was charged with presenting forged documents after what he said was an attempt to enquire on the validity of a liquor license.

Union of Kenya Civil Servants official Jerry Ole Kina, in a statement, condemned what he termed as harassment of chiefs countrywide.

He called for the unconditional release of Chief Adira.


“The union will no longer sit back and watch as the chiefs who are civil servants and members of the union continue suffering under a regime that is insensitive to the plight of the workers. The labour laws provide that every worker be able to work in conducive environment and if a chief complains, then is arrested and charged for fraud, then I don’t know where we are heading to.

“It is unfortunate that chiefs are today working like slaves for a government that is expected to respect the rule of law. Chiefs shall no longer be compelled to perform police duties as they are not the police,” the statement read.