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Uhuru’s delegation to China pictured taking notes, but Kenyans are not convinced

By MWENDE KASUJJA September 7th, 2018 1 min read

The Kenyan delegation which accompanied President Uhuru Kenyatta to China seems to have learnt from their blundering colleagues from the president recent trip to the US.

Photos have been shared online showing the Kenyan delegation in China taking notes at a meeting that birthed public partnerships with Chinese private investors.

This comes after Kenyans on Twitter went ham on the delegation that met US President Donald Trump in Washington and were photographed enjoying tea with no notebooks at the meeting venue.

In contrast, all the US officials were pictured taking notes during the important meeting.

But even after the officials in China remembered to carry their notebooks, Kenyans on a Facebook private group still could not trust them with notes taking.


One of the users commented, “Wanaandika ni allowance ngapi watapata.”

Another added, “I guess ni notebook na crayons for colouring…Wataandika vitu hawaelewi yawa ????.”

A user commented, “Yeees, they have to look like they are seriously working. Even when we know that they are just mere ???flower girls ?☺️.”

Some weighed onto the purchase of the notebooks praying that the cost was not inflated to misuse taxpayer’s money.

“Tuoneshwe budget ya hizo notebooks…Utaskia budget ya hizo books na kalamu sasa ati zilicost 50 million!” a user exclaimed.

For some, however, it was a good effort to remember the notebooks.

“Very good…great effort. Next we need serious discussions and no more borrowing,” wrote one user.