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Uhuru’s ‘imported foreign capacity’ video rant emerges as Cuban doctors arrive

Just a day after the first group of 50 Cuban doctors landed in Nairobi, an undated video has emerged online showing President Uhuru Kenyatta ranting about what he termed at the time as ‘imported foreign capacity’.

Shot at a political rally, the 30-second clip shows the casually dressed Head of State addressing a cheering audience.

In the video, President Kenyatta is heard blasting opposition leader Raila Odinga over the latter’s suggestion the country should ‘import foreign judges and investigators’.

“Kila siku akienda, yule mtu anataka kufurahisha hata mbele afurahishe Mwafrika anataka kufurahisha Mzungu, (Each and every time he travels out of the country he seems so interested to please the White man),” the president is heard saying in the video.


He continues: “Oh, you see we don’t have the capacity, we want foreign judges to come and do our business for us. Oh, you know we don’t have the investigative capacity, we want foreign investigators to come and do the business for us. If we do not have the capacity, build the capacity, Mr Odinga, don’t import capacity. We don’t need imported capacity”

The President’s sentiments sharply differs with his recent actions of importing doctors from Cuba, with each doctor reportedly in line to earn Sh400,000 per month.

In total, 100 Cuban specialists, including three radiologists, five nephrologists, orthopaedic surgeons, plastic surgeons and neurologists, will arrive in the country with a second group of 50 expected in Nairobi next week on Thursday.

The doctors are expected to begin their orientation at the Government School of Science for two weeks before being deployed to the 47 counties.