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Uhuru’s passionate speech on Kenya warms hearts of global investors – VIDEO

By Mary Wangari November 1st, 2019 2 min read

President Uhuru Kenyatta wowed world leaders with his passionate speech where he heaped praises on Kenya urging global investors to consider it as their preferred investment destination.

In a video posted on Facebook on Thursday, October 31, the Head of State left international leaders awed when he emphatically bragged about his motherland while answering a question on why investors should invest in African nations, by the moderator

“We have seen that through integration, through creating a common market, through bringing our people together, we are able to create an abundance of opportunities for our people,” he said.

“We have been able to reduce the cost of telephoning, we have been able to see an increase in the trade of volume between our two countries, we have been able to see the free movement of people between our countries. we have been able to take advantage of the larger size of economy to attract larger investments into the region,” he opined.


Uhuru, who was one of the panelists alongside Nigeria’s and Niger’s presidents Muhammadu Buhari and Mahamadou Issoufou respectively, went on to assure the world leaders that China had seen Africa’s potential and had embraced it, prompting Russia to also develop an interest in the continent as well.

“What China has seen in Africa is opportunity and they have matched that opportunity with an eagerness and willingness on the part of new progressive governments of the African continent who are desirous for investment, job creation, growth of economy, re-developing broken down infrastructure. China saw an opportunity it marched. Russia has woken up and seen that China is moving very far ahead of them. They have decided also they want a piece of that action. We are telling the world come, Africa is ready for business,” he stated.

The president bashed countries that tend to always portray the continent in bad light describing them as “Africa’s enemies”.

“Africa’s enemies are only those who see us in negative light. Africa wants to be a friend to all and it’s open to all,” said Uhuru amidst a loud applause from the audience.

This comes barely days after the president’s visit to Russia where the country donated Sh700 million meant for ridding Lake Victoria of water hyacinth, as part of Kenya’s Vision 2030 on sustainable development and the Big 4 Agenda.