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What to expect from Uhuru’s State of the Nation Address, according to KOT

As the country anxiously awaits President Uhuru Kenyatta’s State of the Nation address on Thursday, Kenyans on Twitter have expressed their skepticism to the event.

Following his previous address, President Kenyatta has been cracking the whip on corruption, with repeated warnings that no one, including his close political alleys, will be spared if found guilty of corruption.

KOT however appear not to be impressed with the Head of State’s endless warnings and unfulfilled promises.

They have now camped on the social media platform to ‘preempt’ what should be expected from the president’s speech.

“Dear Kenyans, Expect the following tired phrases: -I warn. -I promise. – We Shall. – Aki ya mungu.. – I’m determined. – It’s my hope. – As your president I will not allow Same Old Trash It’s a rhythm we are all used to nothing new,” @snnyamao tweeted.


“Uhuru’s #StateOfTheNation address since 2013. 2013… Tuta Fanya 2014… We will not Condone Corruption 2015… Ladies and Gentlemen 2016… Mnataka nifanye nini jameni? 2017… Dear Kenyans 2018… Devolution is no longer a baby. 2019… I fired Rashid Echessa #SOTNKe2019,” @Lazooj commented.

“Breaking news, President Uhuru Kenyatta is set to warn all corrupt state officers in his state of the nation address today. It’s going to be noisy with no casualties,” @Ivanevans wrote.

“1. Warn corrupt government officials, 2. Threaten corrupt government officials, 3. Swear to deal with corrupt government officials, 4. Bang the table while warning government officials, 5. Shake hands with corrupt government officials,” @kakamega_pundit stated.

“2013 Uhuru: We create jobs for the youth. 2014 Uhuru: We create jobs for the youth. 2015 Uhuru: We create jobs for the youth. 2016 Uhuru: We create jobs for the youth. 2017 Uhuru: We create jobs for the youth. 2018 Uhuru: Vijana ni wezi! Youth: Looool!” @EnockBett said.

And then there were the memes.