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Uhuru’s pens ‘love letter’ to voters ahead of election

By HILARY KIMUYU October 19th, 2017 1 min read

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday wrote a letter to Kenyan voters ahead of next week’s presidential election, charming them to give him a second term to deliver on his promises.

The letter was tucked in the middle of Thursday’s copies of Daily Nation newspaper and addressed “To my fellow Kenyan”.

In the letter, President Kenyatta abandons the brash tone that has recently characterised his campaign rallies in favour of a more thoughtful approach,  as he outlines his desire to be handed a second term.

“Our work however, is not finished, we need to ensure that we create prosperity not just for a few but for all of 45 million Kenyans,” he wrote.


He nevertheless insists he won the elections on August 8 which was subsequently nullified by  the Supreme Court of Kenya.

“When the ballots were counted and the results announced, I was declared the winner of the elections. However, in what has now become a historical ruling in our continent, the Supreme Court of Kenya in its wisdom chose to nullify and overturn the results of the elections.”

He urged Kenyans to be each other’s keeper, remain peaceful and put the country above self.

He also acknowledged that the current political atmosphere has had a toll on the economy because of the anxiety and uncertainty in the air.


“Our current situation is not helping us. Things are slowing down. The economy is  starting to take a hit. We are feeling it whether you are from the north, south, east or west of the country. The Kenyan economy is one economy.”

“I know you are frustrated and you are tired. But we did it once and we can do it again.”

“I humbly ask you for your vote so that we can get our country moving again.”