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UK authorities place Sh1m bounty on fugitive woman ‘hiding’ in Kenya

By VERAH OKEYO February 27th, 2016 2 min read

Police in the UK have offered a 10,000-euro reward (about Sh1.1 million) for information about a woman wanted over the murder of her child and believed to be hiding in Kenya.

The suspect, Angela Whitworth, is the mother of 20-month-old Sarah Dahane, who was found dead in her home in Bicester home in May 2013.

In an appeal on the Thames Valley Police Department’s official Facebook page, Detective Superintendent Ian Hunter said Ms Whitworth, who is wanted on suspicion of murder, is believed to be in Kenya.

He said: “Angela Whitworth travelled to Kenya on May 15, 2013 and I believe she is still in Kenya and I am appealing for anybody who can help us to locate her to come forward. I believe there are people who know where she is and are in contact with her.”

The video begins with the toddler playing happily, after which detective Hunter makes his appeal.

He added that the Thames Valley Police sent officers to the country as “part of their enquiries” last year and that they were working closely with the Kenya Police Service as part of the investigation.


He also said: “This investigation has been very lengthy and complex, and I will make every attempt to solve this very serious crime and that is what I am asking for the public’s help”

In the video where the pictures of the bubbly child are seen amidst speeches from his emotional father, Nabil Dahane, the detective describes the baby, Sarah, as one who “was a happy and thriving young child and it is clear that she touched the lives of many during her short life.”

The father, Nabil, said Sarah was a child of God and that while the time he spent with her were the best in his life, they were cut short.

While the video does not reveal the motive behind the murder of the toddler, English journalists who have covered the story hint on a link to an 18-month protracted child custody battle between the suspect and Ms Whitworth.

The Nation has not been able to get the Kenyan police to comment on this matter.