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UK newspaper savagely attacks Lupita Nyong’o

Are Kenyans who have achieved it all snobbish and controlling? Well, at least according to a British newspaper, our Oscar award winner Lupita Nyong’o is not the nice girl she seems to be.

Ms Nyong’o was on Wednesday accused of being snobbish, cold-hearted and manipulative by her castmates in the recently released play Eclipsed.

According to sources who spoke to Daily Mail newspaper, the actress does not talk to her colleagues while off-set and has on one occasion asked for a private dressing room in a tiny theatre.

The newspaper even called her an “ice cold diva” and a “manipulative b***h.”

Ms Nyong’o is part of the cast in a new play based on the 2003 Liberian civil war titled Eclipsed. The play is produced by renowned producer Stephen C. Byrd who reportedly is treating the Kenyan born actress as a goddess.


“Stephen paid her top-dollar to be in this production. He’s head over heels to have her in the show and has made it clear to everyone, whatever Lupita wants, she gets.

“He’s assured her that this is her show and he’ll move mountains to please her,” a source told Daily Mail Online.

Ms Nyong’o is expected to choose a cast member who will accompany her to the next premier in Broadway, even as one of her colleagues quit the show citing that she could not work with her.

During the play’s opening night performance on October 15 at the Public Theatre, the Oscar winner is said to have wanted a separate dressing room.

“She even tried to get her own separate dressing room at The Public Theater, but the venue didn’t have the space for it,” the source explained.

The team had apparently being asked not to bring family and friends to the event, but Ms Nyong’o was allowed to bring her entire entourage.


She had a team of security guards due to what she termed as stalkers posing a security risk to her.

According to the source, whom the newspaper has not named, the actress refused to meet her cast mates over lunch during summer rehearsals for the play.

“She declined all invitations to go out to lunch with her cast members and keeps to herself in the shared dressing room quarters while the ladies went out,” said the source.

This even as American gossip site YBF on Thursday published photos of Ms Nyong’o having soup outside a Ney York public theatre with actress Pascale Armand who is part of the Eclipsed cast.

The site termed it as “damage control” by the Kenyan actress after it was reported that she is snobbish and cold to her colleagues.

Theater actresses Pascale Armand, Akosua Busia, Zainab Jah, and Saycon Sengbloh have been co-starring with Ms Nyong’o in the play.

Ms Sengbloh has however been replaced by actress Stacey Sargeant starting this week as she has reportedly quit the show citing that she was unable to work with Ms Nyong’o.