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UK4Africa to empower Kenyan women

More than 1200 women in Kenya will benefit from Women Income Support Program (WISP) which is set to be launched in Nairobi.

UK4Africa organization will launch the program to support women in the country and help them generate extra income.

There will be a series of programs set to be intertwined in the WISP to support the Kenyan middle class.

Speaking at a Nairobi hotel, UK4Africa CEO Todd Mowat says the organization is committed to empowering women and the middle class through compassionate capitalism.

The 1200 people hired will reach out to groups across Kenya as UK4Africa prepares to set a central hub in Kenya.

‘’Kenya is a great country, it’s more safe and we comfortable working here, says the CEO.

The Program envisages to create direct employment transforming Africa into a continent of prosperous people’s and nations.


Women empowerment has been a major concern for many which UK4Africa seeks to address, through innovative entrepreneurial innovative solutions.

Through determination and hard work women in Kenya be empowered to sustain their lives and those of next of kin.

One will earn a WISP Certificate that will be the vehicle to bridging the divide in Africa.

The organization will invest in changing livelihoods across the country through sustained income for the 1200 people and their families.

The WISP certificate will be available to women over the age 0f 18 years in Kenya. The organization aims at providing opportunity for one to benefit and promote personal growth.

UK4 Africa will also incorporate cutting edge technology to support 50 African countries through various initiatives.