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Nema demolishes Sh1 billion Ukay Mall in Westlands

The iconic Ukay Centre in Westlands was on Friday morning demolished in the ongoing crackdown on buildings and structures which are built on riparian land.

The National Environmental Management Authority bulldozers descended on the mall on Friday at 5am.

The Ukay Mall is said to have been constructed atop one of the Nairobi River tributaries.

Building manager, Veeral Shah protested the move saying they had not been given an official notice.

He said the owners got information that their building was targeted from press and social media.

The government has earmarked 4,000 buildings for demolition because they sit on riparian

Nema said owners of the buildings had been given a three-month notice, which expired on Sunday after the launch of the regeneration plan to restore Nairobi city.


So far, Shell petrol station and Java outlet in Kileleshwa, and Southend Mall have been demolished.

On Thursday, the High Court declined to issue orders stopping the government from demolishing the Ukay Centre.

Owners of the Ukay building had moved to court claiming that they have a legitimate fear that the establishment, worth Sh900 million is in imminent danger of demolition.

They urged the court to issue conservatory orders restraining government agencies from interfering with the property until their case is heard and determined.

In 2016, the building which houses Nakumatt Ukay Supermarket closed for business after goods of unknown value were washed away from the mega store’s shelves following heavy downpour on Saturday evening.

Photos of the flooded store circulating on social media showed items such as detergents, toiletries and diapers, among others, floating on flooded floors of the supermarket.


Nakumatt Ukay closed after floods wreak havoc