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‘Uko chini sana’, KRG The Don blasts Ben Pol for simping

Kenyan rapper KRG The Don is not one to pass an opportunity to school his male counterparts on their acts, and Tanzanian singer Ben Pol seems to have landed on his radar. 

Sharing his comment on Ben Pol’s recent acts on social media, KRG said that he pities the singer seeing as he cannot seem to stand up for himself as a man. 

“I pity Ben Pol btw yani you don’t have self-confidence kabisa… NKT must you compare yourself with other humans ndio upate girlfriend? Uko chini sana,” the rapper said on Instagram. 

He went on to congratulate Ben Pol’s ex-wife Anerlisa Muigai for ending her marriage with the Tanzania artiste.

“Anerlisa dada angu you did well to run away from his lame ass. Man can’t stand for anything!” he wrote.

For the past few days, Ben Pol has been making headlines with failed attempts to Anerlisa’s name in the mud.

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In an interview with a local blogger a few days, Ben Pol claimed that he never enjoyed his marriage to the Keroche’s heiress. The singer dated Anerlisa for years before they decided to formalize their union through a wedding held in May 2020. The marriage, however, didn’t see past a year since they parted ways in February 2021.

The musician said that their three-year marriage was more about showing off online than enjoying the real benefits of marriage.

 “To be honest, I shouldn’t be a liar, I didn’t really enjoy the marriage. The marriage plans to have children, I’ve never seen. I didn’t see marriage as I do with other people,” he said.

The musician, however, admitted he made more money during his marriage to Anerlisa. He also said he feels he may have been used by his ex-wife to achieve her goals in life.

“I feel like I entered the picture to bring that perfection,” he said.

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The Bongo RnB singer noted that his relationship with Anerlisa was the first real one that ever happened in his life and thus he had high hopes for a good marriage.

He admitted that she had invested all her feelings and love in the relationship before things went wrong.

“The level of love, the level of commitment, and the level of dedication that I had given to her had never happened before. I have never loved another person before her. It was the first relationship that really sank in and I was fine,” he said.

However, the singer was caught in his own trap after Anerlisa came out guns blazing with a stern warning to Ben Pol to stop speaking about her. Anerlisa went as far as daring her ex-hubby to release the messages he has been sending to her months after their divorce.

“Ben, I see that umenizoea, and you’ve taken my silence for weakness… You’ve always had the right to tell the interviewer not to ask about me… why are you always making me look bad, yet undercover, you send me messages different from what you talk? If you really are a man, I dare you to screenshot what you’ve been sending me since December 25, 2022 to January 4, 2023! I have a lot to say about/show you, but I choose to be a lady. It’s simple! Stop talking about me!” Anerlisa said.

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