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Uko nazo au tukuwache? 4 rare things women take note of in a potential lovers

By Winnie Mabel November 13th, 2023 2 min read

The era of tall, dark and handsome came and uneventfully went. Women have now diversified the characteristics they look for in a man and this has been affected by age, life stability or personal preference outside of society’s expectations.

Some women no longer go for the ‘he must be funny, financially stable, comes from a good neighborhood, has a good job and has no skeletons in his closet’ stereotype trope, but have opened up their minds to look for new, less talked about characteristics that would attract them into romantic relationships. Here are four of those characteristics:

  1. Social awareness- A woman will immediately seek to learn how a manĀ  navigates social issues such affecting the general society as well as their stance on tackling them via individual contribution. They will also analyze their ability to read social cues, empathize and adapt to different environments.
  2. Authenticity- We live in a society where many people fake their lifestyles to portray themselves in a favorable lifestyle. Some go into deep debts to maintain these lifestyles while others burn bridges with those who stood by them- just so their social circles would be different from whom they used to be. Women will analyze a potential lover’s authenticity and honesty to gauge whether they can be trusted and depended upon to be equal partners in the relationship without any manipulations.
  3. Conversation skills- Women understand that people have different personalities but at one point or another, conversations must be had. Women will now look for men who can hold great conversations beyond gossip, cars and other topics stereotypically preserved for men. They will analyze whether these men can have meaningful conversations, actively listen and respond appropriately. Do note that women will immediately pick out men who pretend to know things and lead conversations when they have no idea what they are talking about.
  4. Confidence- While it is a stereotypical trope, confidence remains one of the key things women will immediately note in a potential lover. Does this man have the confidence to chart his own life without external interferences, can he lead his woman as expected of men? Can he confidently make financial, career and social decisions without being swayed by peer pressure? Can he protect her in the face of danger? See, confidence is attractive. Women will notice that the man is confident in his own skin and would greatly appreciate it, especially, if this confidence is not arrogant or demeaning to others, but respectful.

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