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‘Uliskia wapi’ MP loses seat in Tanzania parliamentary election

By Amina Wako October 30th, 2020 1 min read

Tanzania’s Kilwa South Member of Parliament Selemani Bungara of “Uliskia wapi” fame has lost his seat in the just concluded general election.

Bungara, a second time legislator who vied on an Alliance for Change and Transparency (ACT Wazalendo) party lost to Ally Kasinge of ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM).

The former District Commissioner of Wanging’ombe in Njombe region garnered 22,521 against Bungara’s 10,096 votes.

Bungara was vying for the parliamentary seat for the third time and was first elected to represent Kilwa South Constituency in 2005.

The MP became the subject of discussion on social media recently following remarks he made during a press conference, remarks which have been turned into numerous memes with the catch phrase ‘Uliskia Wapi’ being mutilated to ‘Oolisia Wapi’ and even printed on merchandise in Kenya.

During the press conference whose video went viral, the outgoing Kilwa South MP was addressing claims that he had joined President John Pombe Magufuli’s Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM).

He went on to announce that he had instead joined the ACT Wazalendo party instead.

“We ulisikia wapi!? We ulisikia wapi!? Mheshimiwa ulisikia wapi!? Niliingia katika Chama Cha ACT nataka muelewe hivo,” Bungara said then animatedly.

On Wednesday, as Tanzanians went to the polls, Kenyans wished Bungara the very best in the general election, but it did little to help him get another term.

This is what they wrote then:

Black African wrote, “As a Kenyan I strongly wish MP Seleman Bungala all the best and beg Kilwa South constituents please vote him back.#TanzaniaDecides2020.”

Sakwa J.M. Sakwa commented, “As #TanzaniaDecides2020 on my own behalf and all the memelords in Kenya, I wish our favorite MP Selemani Bungara of Kilwa South Consistency all the best.”