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Umoinner rush to beat inspection deadline

Buses belonging to the Umoinner sacco are being repainted for inspection purposes and not to leave the company, it emerged on Sunday.

Umoinner Sacco chairman Christopher Kibe said the company was rushing to beat a deadline issued by the government to have all its buses inspected before being allowed to operate again.

He denied claims that most of the buses were being repainted to be registered in other Saccos.

“Repainting a single bus will cost not less than Sh50,000, then getting a new PSV licence to operate under another Sacco will cost more. I don’t think we have any members going that route,” he said.

He said a meeting with owners resolved to abide by the government directive to have them inspected again.

“Almost three quarters of our buses are already at the Traffic Headquarters for inspection,” Mr Kibe said.

He said reports that most of the matatu were being repainted or changing Sacco’s as false adding that it will be a huge cost to achieve this.

Last week, the Transport Secretary Michael Kamau and the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) ordered all Umoinner Sacco vehicles to be grounded at Traffic Police Headquarters to undergo fresh inspection.

Kibe also said there are some vehicle owners who are still adopting a wait and see attitude before taking their vehicles for inspection.

“We are talking  to vehicle owners to have their vehicles taken for inspection. Once we have the clearance from the government to have these vehicles back on the road, we will not allow those that have not undergone inspection to the route,” he said.