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Umoja residents battle for land ownership

A number of residents in Umoja, a Nairobi suburb, are counting their losses after their households and businesses were demolished by a group claiming ownership of the land.

Speaking to Nairobi News on the phone, Embakassi West lawmaker George Theuri confirmed the demolitions were a result of a long-standing land tussle case between the area residents and a company which he referred to as the Kiambu-Dandora.

“There are some people who call themselves Kiambu-Dandora who claim to have the mother title of a piece of land in Umoja 3. Now residents who have settled in this land also own (what appear to be) genuine title deeds. Some of them have constructed residential apartments and other infrastructure. This makes it a difficult case because both parties have genuine title deeds so how can it be determined on who to be given ownership of the land,” posed Theuri.

“For instance, individuals in land cruisers accompanied by police started demolishing a number of structures. I am concerned that they are doing this without any court order. This is impunity, they are claiming ownership of almost their entire Mowlem area,” he added.

Theuri adds that residents have taken the matter to court but it seems the case has dragged on.

This is not the first time Kiambu-Dandora Company has locked horns with residents in Umoja.

In 2018 a similar battle ensued with the residents accusing individuals accusing the company of being a criminal gang.

According to the residents, the individuals from the Kiambu-Dandora company pay a visit to particular people and ask them to vacate their homes.

They then proceed to confiscate the property and later demolish the structures.

The pieces of land then become their property which they start developing.