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How Umoja teen gangster killed and dumped high school lover

By HILARY KIMUYU February 9th, 2016 2 min read

Police are holding a 19 year-old teenager for allegedly killing his girlfriend who was to report to school in January for her final year in high school.

The teenager is suspected of killing Nancy Wanza, 19, in Umoja III on the night of December 30, 2015 and attempting to dispose her body at Kiambu District Hospital. He is also accused of not reporting the incident.

The suspect has a history of arrests over thefts and muggings in Umoja. The deceased was a student at St Teresa girl’s secondary school in Eastleigh.

Buruburu DCIO Jeremiah Ikao narrated to Nairobi News how parents of the deceased had reported to police the disappearance of their daughter and how they suspected that the boyfriend had something to do with it.


At the time, police had no evidence linking him to the disappearance, but he was arrested and released on a cash bail and ordered to be reporting to the police station every week.

Subsequent investigations revealed that two SIM cards had been used on the deceased’s phone days after her death. Police found that the suspect had sold the phone to another person, who also sold it to a third person. The suspect was rearrested on January 3, 2016.

The suspect claimed that on the fateful night he had had a scuffle with the deceased after she came to his house at night drunk and then used his phone to call another man. After the fight they both went to sleep and on waking up around 4am, he found her bleeding and forming on the mouth.


He said he then called a friend who came with two bodabodas that they used to carry the girl, who was still alive, to Kiambu District Hospital. But on their way, along Thika highway, the bodabodas had a change of heart and and left them near Choma Zone restaurant.

A Good Samaritan picked them up and took them to the hospital.

According to the suspect, when the doctor checked on the girl he told them that she was already dead.

He added that they panicked and ran away.


DCIO Ikao said the suspect will remain in police custody after the court granted them seven days to finish their investigation. The suspect will be taken back to court to face a charge of murder.

The police are still puzzled on why the suspect opted to take the deceased to Kiambu hospital yet Mama Lucy Hospital is just a stone throw away.