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UN Security Council to vote on Kenya Police Haiti mission

The United Nations Security Council will on October 2, 2023, decide on whether or not to send Kenyan police officers to Haiti.

The Council is expected to give Kenya a nod to send 1000 police officers to Haiti for a year.

“The 15 members of the Council will consider approving what is known as a Chapter VII provision of the UN Charter that authorizes the use of force after all other measures to maintain international peace and security are exhausted,” UN News reported.

Caribbean nations and members of the CARICOM regional group, including Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Antigua and Barbuda have also expressed their readiness to support the mission that will be led by Kenya’s force.

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The Bahamas has committed 150 persons to support the multi-national force, while Jamaica said it cannot reach the 1,000 offered by Kenya.

Only officers from formation units in the National Police Service (NPS) of Kenya will be deployed to Haiti, should the proposal receive a thumbs up.

President William Ruto’s administration says it is ready to send the officers in a tricky assignment aimed at tackling gang violence, a move lauded and funded by the US to the tune of Sh14 billion.

With the deal already signed and the government through Foreign Affairs CS Dr Alfred Mutua making it clear the government extended an olive branch to Haiti, the gang leader Mr Jimmy Barbecue Cherizer sent a stern warning on foreign countries not to step into the country.

In a recent statement, Mr Jimmy who leads the gang known as G9 said the move is only an indication foreigners are out to commit human rights abuses in the Nation based in the Caribbean and that they will fight against them until their last breath.

“We will fight against them until our last breath,” he said.

“It will be a fight of the Haitian people to save the dignity of our country,” said Mr Jimmy, a man who says that all will be well the day Haiti Prime Minister Ariel Henry leaves office

For starters, Mr Jimmy who is the gang leader is a former police officer who worked in various parts of Haiti a clear indication that he understands the country’s terrain so well unlike the foreign troops that will be encountering his armed team.

The gang leader enjoys massive support in his home country.