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Unga back in stock in all supermarkets and estate shops

There are no more queues at supermarkets and estate shops for the subsidized maize flour, a spot check by Nairobi News has revealed.

In most of the supermarkets that Nairobi News visited, there were bales of unga on the isles and shelves with most shoppers seemingly in no rush to purchase the commodity.

According to an employee of one of the supermarkets, shoppers were allowed to buy as much as they wanted because the unga is in plenty now.

“Shoppers are not rushing to buy unga as they used to a few weeks ago. As you can see, we have more than enough,” he said.


In Kasarani area and parts of Umoja, most small retail shops and kiosks owners were selling the subsidized unga at the government recommended price of Sh90.

The supply of flour in the retail market has been improving with better delivery from the millers, easing the rationing of flour in supermarkets.

In May the government of Kenya started subsidizing maize importers to help lower the cost of maize flour that had shot high following a prolonged drought.

The government thereafter published a gazette notice criminalizing sale of the subsidized commodity above Sh90.