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Affordable Unga now in plenty as more brands hit the market

The government’s subsidized maize flour is now in plenty in supermarkets in Nairobi with more brands hitting the market.

Unlike on Wednesday when it only took an hour for the subsidized maize flour to be scooped by city residents from supermarket shelves, on Thursday saw supermarkets restock more brands.

A spot check by Nairobi News on Thursday evening revealed that more brands were available in supermarkets with most outlets limiting shoppers to at most three packets.

At Tuskys supermarkets, where only the Soko brand was available the previous day, had Pembe and shoppers were only allowed to purchase two packets.

Nakumatt supermarket, Development House branch, had Kifaru brand with customers only allowed to purchase a maximum of two packets.


The management at Eastmatt supermarket, Tom Mboya street, told Nairobi News that they were allowing their shoppers to take up to three packets each.

Customers queued for the precious commodity at the supermarket which had Mama and Soko maize flour brands on their shelves.

Shortage of maize flour had recently raised the cost of the foodstuff to an all time high of Sh144 for a two-kilogram packet.

However, there was respite for consumers on Tuesday after the government, in collaboration with millers, unveiled the subsidized maize flour at a price of Sh90 for a two-kilogram packet and Sh47 for a one-kilogram packet.

The packets indicate that the subsidized maize flour was packed on Wednesday May, 17 and will expire September 2017.