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Unga prices yet to reduce despite government announcement

The price of maize flour is yet to reduce two days after the government reported it had.

A spot check by Nairobi News at various supermarkets within the capital’s CBD indicates maize flour is still retailing at more than double the amount the government announced.

For example, the Jogoo brand is retailing at Sh210, Pembe at Sh199, Amaize at Sh231, and Soko at Sh210.

On Monday, the government announced it will subsidize the price of the commodity which is currently retailing at an all-time high of Sh200.

The decision was arrived at following an outcry from the public, and in consultation with the National Treasury, Cereal Millers Association, and Grain Mill Owners Association.

“The Millers shall continue to purchase maize available on the market at the market rates,” the statement read.

The subsidy followed another one announced by Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya to the effect that the government would gazette a directive that would lower the price of maize flour by Sh2.

“We have decided to suspend all levies imposed on imported maize by 90 days that are coming to Kenya from any border post and from July 1, no charges will be levied on maize,” he said.

The government had been blaming the high cost of living on the Russian-Ukraine war and the effects of Covid-19.

The price of unga aroused debate in the country with politicians pointing fingers at each other and the President.

During the Labor Day celebrations, President Uhuru Kenyata asked politicians to stop blaming him as the high cost of living was ‘beyond his control.’