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Unghosted! Controversial Ugandan activist Stella Nyanzi pardons baby daddy

By Winnie Mabel February 17th, 2024 2 min read

Controversial Ugandan scholar and activist Stella Nyanzi announced that she welcomed back her baby daddy after he ghosted her for 17 years.

In a series of social media posts, she revealed he showed up on Valentine’s Day with gifts for their children and for the first time, they all slept under the same roof.

“Wonders never cease to happen! My children’s dad came home for this Valentine week. He arrived yesterday with goodies for his children. Although much older than the last time we met, he still has it. Last night, was the first night in seventeen years for all the five of us to sleep under one roof. Although he slept alone in the sitting room, this was the best night ever. Daddy Ous, Mama Stella, our twin sons and daughter were all together. Happy Valentine’s Day!” posted Ms Nyanzi.

In another post, she thanked God for setting a table for her before her enemies, rejoicing in the ‘goodness and mercies’ following her for the rest of her days.

She then went on to reveal that her current lover did not celebrate Valentine’s Day with her in light of her baby daddy appearing.

“Now, you, my jealous brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law from NUP, my lover did not send me a rose flower for Valentine’s Day! He did not call me even when I waited until after midnight. He did not even send me a ka-message of love on WhatsApp. Does this lover of mine want me to go back to Salongo who is sleeping cold in my house all this Valentine’s week?” asked Ms Nyanzi.

Ms Nyanzi has been with her younger lover since 2023. At one point, she bragged about how he “rolled her like Chapati” as she bragged about his bedroom skills.

“My lover, the only man who has excited my loins for years, shared the last seven days with me. We lived gently and loved hard inside a small round cottage with a grass thatched roof on the shores of the River Volta,” began Ms Nyanzi.

She went on to explain the various nature and decibels of their ‘meetings’ that left her content, going as far as vividly using food to explain his prowess- including her being rolled like a chapati.

“African women living in exile with lovers who stayed back home in Africa can face difficult challenges with our sex lives, sexualities, and loneliness. And so, I am grateful that I had full access to my lover for the whole week – thanks to a circle of African(ist) feminist sister-thinkers who allowed me to bring my amazing lover to the Volta. I am loved!” said Ms Nyanzi in one of her posts in September 2023.

Ms Nyanzi fled to Kenya in February 2021 after citing political persecution by President Museveni’s government.

According to her lawyer, Professor George Wajackoyah, she sought political asylum in Kenya after claiming actions of abductions and detentions of political actors were making their way to her doorstep.

She also said her children were being trailed by police and as she had just left prison a few months earlier, she did not want to go back. She and her children found safety in Kenya before she relocated to Germany.

Prior to that she was jailed for 18 months after a Kampala court found her guilty of cyber bullying.

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