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Here’s how much units you’ll now receive after revision of electricity tariffs

Kenya Power has effected the new electricity tariffs and pre-paid customers can now resume token purchase.

An experiment by Nairobi News shortly after the services resumed on Thursday noon showed a significant increase in the number of units.

A purchase of tokens for Sh500 had 33.15 units which is an increase from the 22.62 units that consumers would previously receive for an equal amount cash.


For Sh1,000 consumers will now receive 66.31 units an increase from the 45.1 units receivable in October.

The token generation system was shut down on Wednesday at midnight to align it with the newly adjusted electricity tariffs announced by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

ERC on Tuesday dropped the price per unit for consumers who use 100 units from Sh12 to Sh10.


On social media, Kenyans were however not impressed by the newly announced tariffs.

@kenfish tweeted, “We have seen some households that were paying 1,500/- in electricity tokens pay 4,000, almost three times up. Reducing by 2/- will take them to around 3,400, still more pain with electricity.”

@AllanMwathi wrote, “The price change is not good enough. The cost of electricity is still high!”

@NjoreJosphat stated, “Still that’s stupidity, and not affordable to many compared to the MW injected to the grid from clean energy, kutubeba mafala.”