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University of Eldoret bans students from wearing minis and sagging trousers

University of Eldoret has issued a memo warning its students against dressing inappropriately within the varsity premises.

Among the dressing that students at the public university have been against are miniskirts, sagging trousers or wearing on clothes for the opposite sex.

“It has come to our attention that some students are not observing the university dress code as contained in the Rules and Regulations Governing the conduct and Discipline of students. All students are expected to dress in simple, decent, modest and appropriate attire that facilitates an atmosphere conducive for students,” the university said in the memo signed by Dr Lelei Kiboiy, the University’s dean of students.

Dr Kiboiy cited article 3.1 (e) of rules and regulations governing conduct and discipline of students at the university which lists wearing miniskirts, skintight dresses, ragged/torn/ripped trousers, tumbo-cut blouses/t-shirts, low-cut blouses/dresses, micro-shorts and transparent dresses, attires showing bra straps or sleeveless t-shirts.

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The university said students who will violate the dress code rule will risk disciplinary action.

“All students are therefore advised to, at all times, desist from inappropriate dressing while at the university as this may warrant disciplinary action. Students are also advised to maintain gender compliant attire which should reflect their personal details as documented in the university records,” the university said.

University of Eldoret’s directive comes just two weeks after Kenya Methodist University dispatched a similar memo warning students reporting after holidays to adhere to the institution’s prescribed dress code.

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In a memo dated January 5, 2023 and signed by Dr Esther Mbaabu, the Dean of Students at the university, students at the institution were advised against putting on dreadlocks, wearing untucked shirts, tumbo cuts, bare backs and miniskirts among a wide range of dressing styles that the institutions deems inappropriate.

Male students have been prohibited from putting on dreadlocks, plated hair, earrings and wearing untucked shirts. They have also been advised against wearing vests that show their bear chest and attending classes with hats and caps.

On the other hand, female students have been prohibited from wearing tumbo cuts, bare back, miniskirts, body tight trousers and see through clothes. They will also be required not to wear skirts which are above the knee line, skirts whose slit is above the knee line and blouses with necklines that run down more than four inches.

The memo drew immediate criticism from a section of the student population who felt that while some of the prescribed dress code was old fashioned and the rules draconian, there are those that were acceptable in the modern workplaces including miniskirts and dreadlocks.