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University student in court over fake JSC jobs deal

A university student has been charged with obtaining money by false pretenses after allegedly conning three people of Sh519, 800 while promising them jobs at the judiciary.

At the Makadara Law Courts, Brian Macharia is accused of defrauding Washington Muhoro of 272, 600 on diverse dates between September 20-27, 2022 while promising to secure a job opportunity for his daughter with the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

He is also accused of conning Charles Kanyingi of Sh155, 200 promising him a job for his two daughters with the JSC between September 26-27, 2022.

Macharia is facing an additional charge of obtaining Sh30, 000 from Margaret Njambi while allegedly promising to secure a job for her son with the JSC.

He allegedly obtained the cash from Njambi on September 28, 2022, and is accused of receiving the cash with intent to defraud contrary to section 313 of the penal code.

The accused person allegedly called Muhoro on the phone and informed him that he had three job opportunities with the JSC.

Muhoro also shared the same with Kanyingi who is his relative.

Macharia then allegedly started demanding money. The two had three of their daughters to be enlisted with the judiciary and the suspect was demanding Sh35, 000 for each.

Kanyingi sent Muhoro Sh70, 000 for his two daughters and Muhoro sent Sh105, 000 to the suspect’s phone as demanded and agreed for the contract fee.

The accused person then demanded Sh25, 600 from each of the prospective employees for the police clearance certificate (the certificate of good conduct), and the cash was sent to him.

The suspect allegedly asked for Sh27, 000 for medical documents for the three candidates and the cash was sent.

He later asked for Sh25, 000 from each of the three candidates for the purchase of laptops, and the same was sent.

Ms. Njambi got wind of the deal and sent Sh30, 000 to the accused person to secure employment for her son.

The three later realized they had been conned after Macharia blocked them from calling him. They reported the matter at the Buruburu police station and the suspect was traced and arrested.

Macharia denied the charges before Senior Principal Magistrate Mary Njagi and claimed that someone used his phone to commit fraud.

He pleaded for lenient bail and bond terms claiming he is supposed to sit for examinations on October 17. Ms. Njagi released him on a bond of Sh300, 000 and an alternative cash bail of a similar amount.

The case will be mentioned on October 25.

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