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University student scoops BetNare jackpot

Christopher Musembi is the latest winner of the BetNare Daily jackpot.

The University student bagged the Sh500,000 prize after correctly predicting 11 matches of the jackpot.

Musembi who is pursuing a Building and Techology degree also works as a part time construction worker.

He expressed his delight after winning the prize.

The 26-year-old plans to use the amount to clear his college fees and also invest in some business as he nears graduation. He also shared plans to quit his part time job to focus on studies and business.

“I also have to tithe and then ask for advice on how to best use this money so it can get me some profit,” he said.

“I was confident I will win something. But I am still surprised and excited as well,” he explained.

“I have been occasionally been placing bets. This time, I needed some courage and luck to get the ultimate prize.”

On how he came to know about BetNare, Musembi said he loves to play the Aviator Game on BetNare, where he was trying his luck to win up to 2,500,000/= Per Flight with KSH 10/=.

He then discovered The Daily Jackpot and decided to always stake KSH 10 daily on the Jackpot.

Through his experience he saw the jackpot grow and even the introduction of the KSH 1,000 Guaranteed Bonus on 9/11 correct predictions.

He urged people to play the Daily Jackpot as he has won the BONUS twice before and now is the Winner of the Jackpot.

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