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Unlucky in love: 6 Kenyan female celebs in infamous breakups

By Winnie Mabel September 3rd, 2022 4 min read

They say love makes the ride worthwhile – the ride being life on earth and I don’t particularly know who ‘they’ are but it is true for some. Love could be the reason they wake up, could be the reason they preserver and could be the reason they never want to wake up in the morning too.

This last group of people, sometimes unlucky in love, often prefer if their love life woes remain private and ‘just go away’. This would have been the wish of some of our Kenyan female celebrities but in this age of social media, that wasn’t a preserve for them as their love life dramas were revealed, discussed, dissected and conclusions made by all and sundry before they could give their sides of the story.

Check out these six women who endured social media storms while dealing with their hapless love lives:

1. Betty Kyallo

The sassy media personality was the talk of town when she got married to fellow TV personality Dennis Okari in a glamourous, expensive wedding in 2015. They had their daughter and family life was okay until six months later when Betty revealed she and Dennis were ending their marriage. The news was received with shock and wonder at what could have made the marriage so short lived.

Months later, Betty was reported to be dating a prominent politician, but that too ended acrimoniously when it was revealed that the politician repossessed his car from her as she was driving it along Mombasa road. It was also alleged that the politician had wanted her to change her lifestyle and tone it down to be considered one of his wives But that wasn’t something she was willing to do. Following their breakup, Betty in a tell-all interview with a leading lifestyle magazine revealed how she came to be in a relationship with the politician while he was still married.

Betty Kyallo. PHOTO | COURTESY

Following this breakup, she was once again in a publicized relationship with lawyer Nick Ndeda. They dated for a few weeks until it emerged that the couple was engaged in an out of town drama that left Betty alone and crying before she could gather herself and return to the city. Ndeda attributed the breakup to increased public scrutiny on their relationship once their relationship was exposed on social media.

2. Lilian Muli

The Citizen TV news anchor also got married in a lavish ceremony to Moses Kanene in 2009 but filed for divorce in 2016. They had a son together but their marriage was not that publicized. Rumours had it that there were several third parties involved in the relationship leading to the divorce. Their separation was not amicable.

Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli. PHOTO | COURTESY
Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli. PHOTO | COURTESY

Lilian then proceeded to date Jared Nevaton Ombongi, the Shabana FC Chairman and they had a child together too. Much later, Lilian would turn up on social media claiming her man was a serial cheat, branding him a “community husband”. Their drama was fodder for gossip blogs for months. The two got together but barely a year later, they had broken up, again, in January 2021. Aside from these two, Lillian was also previously linked to a vocal Ukambani leader but evidence of this affair was never produced.

3. Size 8

A few days ago, the gospel artiste revealed that she had left her matrimonial home because of “something serious” her husband, DJ Mo had done to her. It was reported that she left home with their children. This was not the first such incident with Size 8 having previously revealed how she would lock her hubby out of the house. At the time, she said DJ had a habit of returning home at ungodly hours coupled with suspicious conversations on his phone.

Kenyan gospel singer Size 8. PHOTO | EVANS HABIL
Kenyan gospel singer Size 8. PHOTO | EVANS HABIL

4. Janet Mbugua

Janet also got married in a lavish destination wedding ceremony to Eddie Ndichu. The two went on to have two sons and life was okay. That was until videos emerged of her husband with other women amid claims of him being a violent husband who greatly affected Janet’s TV career. This was attributed as one of the reasons she left the prime time screen. They separated for a while until Janet filed for divorce.

Former Citizen TV anchor Janet Mbugua. PHOTO | COURTESY

5. Akothee

Kenyan singer has been vocal about how hectic her life has been in managing five children with three baby daddies. She has similarly been vocal about how difficult it has been co-parenting her children with some of the men who live in Europe.

Singer Akothee. PHOTO | COURTESY

Aside from her baby daddies, Akothee dated her manager Nelly Oaks on and off for years – a man way younger than she is. Their relationship ended in veiled drama too.

6. Natalie Tewa

The Instagram influencer was alleged to be dating the same prominent politician who was dated Betty Kyallo. It was alleged that the said politician funded her flashy lifestyle which she however attributed to her hard work. It was also claimed that the politician often spoiled her with cash, bought her a car and jetted her off to luxurious vacation destinations.

YouTuber Natalie “Tewa” Wanjiru. PHOTO | COURTESY

For a while, this alleged relationship remained a secret until gossip tea master Edgar Obare blew it up on his Instagram stories. Unnamed sources claimed to have seen the couple together severally in Mombasa. Their breakup was attributed to the spotlight shone on the relationship considering the politician had his own marital issues to deal with.

This relationship also landed Obare in the crosshairs of the police after he leaked their information. Right now, it is alleged Tewa is dating a Caucasian man but she has been careful to keep him secret as well.