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Unmasking the Boozy Villain: The fight against alcohol-related violence against women takes centre stage

By Mercy Simiyu October 17th, 2023 2 min read

Buckle up, folks!

In the rollercoaster world of societal norms, there’s a new star stealing the limelight: gender-based violence. But there’s a surprising twist in this blockbuster – it’s time to unmask the not-so-secret villain, alcohol-induced violence against women!

Imagine this: “Oops, I did it again, and it was the booze’s fault!” Well, the tired old script of blaming alcohol for bad behavior is about to get a dramatic rewrite.

For too long, intoxication has been used as a defense for harmful actions, but now, a rising number of individuals and organizations are committed to breaking this cycle.

Instances where men attribute violence against women to alcohol consumption are regrettably common. Frequently, these incidents are fueled by societal norms that, rather disturbingly, excuse such behavior as if inebriation absolves the aggressor of responsibility. Many individuals who would never engage in such conduct while sober resort to violence under the influence of alcohol.

But wait, there’s more to this gripping narrative. In a world where even the stars of stage and screen aren’t spared from the gripping hands of gender-based violence, silence often prevails. As one celebrity put it, “Even in the glittering world of fame, we are not immune to the shadows of gender-based violence. Many of us have been bitten by the ones we love, yet we hesitate to speak up, fearing the judgment that comes with being a public figure.”

Efforts to combat alcohol-induced violence against women are not limited to accountability; they also focus on raising awareness and education. Workshops and community outreach programs are being organized to engage both men and women in constructive dialogues.

But this isn’t just a one-act play; it’s a full-on extravaganza. We’re rolling out the red carpet for workshops, community hangouts, and some truly cringe-worthy conversations.

These get-togethers aren’t just for show; they’re like the ultimate guide to “Responsible Party Hosting.” We’re talking about teaching everyone how to keep their cool (and their drinks), the art of asking for permission (the ultimate crowd-pleaser), and showing respect to every guest on the list.

These initiatives are designed to help individuals comprehend the effects of alcohol on their behavior and provide them with strategies to avoid harmful actions. They also aim to raise awareness about the importance of consent, nurturing healthy relationships, and the significance of treating all individuals with respect.

Transforming Norms and Creating a Safer Society

Challenging deeply ingrained societal norms is a formidable endeavor, but it is an essential step toward forging a safer, more equitable society. Eradicating the tendency to blame alcohol for harmful actions is vital to ensuring that women can live without fear and violence.

As these conversations gain momentum and organizations work relentlessly to educate and promote accountability, there is optimism that instances of alcohol-induced violence against women will diminish. Society inches closer to a future where respect and equality prevail.

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