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Unruly mourner awaits sentencing after admitting causing disturbance at KNH

A mourner who caused a scene at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) after a hearse driver was stopped at the gate by security guards has pleaded guilty to charges of creating disturbance.

Vincent Obiro Songor was accused of causing a breach of peace by threatening to assault security guard Peter Maroa at the hospital’s gate.

The security guard had stopped the hearse’s driver to take his details and record the purpose of the visit before gaining entry into the referral hospital.

But Songor alighted from the hearse and grabbed the security guard by the collar of his shirt while threatening to have him sacked. The situation was only brought under control after more security officers intervened and had Songor arrested.

The accused admitted the charges before Senior Resident Magistrate Charles Mwaniki of the Kibera Law Courts. He will be sentenced after a social inquiry is tabled before the court upon reading out of the facts of the case.