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Unveiling the best husband material to look out for

History has it that “wife material” has ever only been the main topic of conversation between some men and women. Some women tend to either teach themselves or discuss amongst themselves how to mold themselves into wife materials so that men would ‘pick them.’

Men, on the other hand, go around dating all kinds of women and upon dumping them, claim they are in search for a woman who possesses the ‘materials’ to make it as his wife.

But then, have you ever stopped to wonder… what makes a man a good husband material? Why do they tend to focus so much on the wife material and nothing about them except for how fast they can find a replacement for their exes?

Well, women (and those guys who are into men), Nairobi News is here to list for you the material to look out for when dealing with a potential partner so that you don’t end up wasting your time ‘dating around.’

  1. A man who is husband material knows how to respect his partner’s thoughts, feelings, opinions and principles. He values communications and does not create environments for his partner to guess what is happening in his life and how they should be allegedly handled with care.
  2. Husband material men are 100 per cent trustworthy. They will not give you room to doubt them with shady phone calls, undercover slip ups, mysterious disappearances and unexpected silences in the house. Good material is a man who is reliable and honest with his partners; and is able o foster a strong sense of security and intimacy for trust to thrive in the relationship.
  3. Good husband material men are supportive, be it emotionally, physically, mentally or financially. They are empathetic and supportive of their partner’s needs, dreams and aspirations.
  4. A man who has strong core values and beliefs that align with those of his partner is made of material that will make the relationship strong and reduce potential conflicts.
  5. This man also has a great sense of humor to bring joy and laughter into any room he walks into, is emotionally intelligent to understand and manage his partner’s emotions and is flexible in knowing when to compromise and adapt to circumstances that will make the relationship harmonious.
  6. This man is also committed to growing with his partner in order to learn and improve together.
  7. Finally, money. Good husband material men are financially responsible. They do not hide their money from their partners because they believe in working together to plan for their stable and secure future not only for themselves but for any children they have together.

If the man you are interested in meets 5/7 of the above potentials, then he is a good man. You are both capable of working together on work shopping the remaining two to turn him into the ideal husband.

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