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UoN VC Kiama apologises over insensitive rape memo

By Hilary Kimuyu February 26th, 2020 1 min read

University of Nairobi (UoN) Vice-Chancellor Stephen Kiama has apologised to students over an insensitive memo that was directed to the student by the acting Director of Security and Safety Services Maj (rtd) Simon Cherutich on Tuesday.

In the memo, titled Cases of Robbery and Rape involving female students, the head of security at the learning institution blamed the female students for some of the rape incidents.

Cherutich said that there were three incidences, which were reported to his office in the recent past, which he said were all “clear recklessness on the part of our female students can be drawn”.

He gave an example of how one of the students “had entertained herself in various joints in the city and decided to walk all alone (drunk) from the city centre to the hostels at SWA”.

“Unfortunately, she met her assailants next to KEMU building at around 0500 hours where she was snatched and raped in turns by 3 men,” lamented Cherutich.

The insensitive memo.

But later, Prof Kiama issued an apology over the memo. In his apology, the VC assured all students of their commitment to protect and take care of them at all times.

“I have noted that the memo was insensitive and does not represent the corporate values and image of the University of Nairobi, and is highly regretted,” Prof Kiama said.

He said that he will always be at the student’s “disposal for support.”