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Uplifting women does not take away men’s power

Our organization on International Women’s Day went all out to celebrate all female employees. We got treated to a makeover, fantastic breakfast and lessons and advice from successful men and women on how to do it too.

Some men in the office ‘caught feelings’ and started complaining of how the boy child is being neglected and forgotten.

From the day the invitation came, they have been whining and moping about, very upset that they are never considered for such treats.

This got me thinking. Do we as a society now believe that we have placed men in a lesser position compared to women, because we are now trying to make the life of the girl better?

As these thoughts raced around my head, I got to talking with another man, who was less emotional and able to speak candidly of what he felt about the whole women empowerment movement. He said that boys have been completely forgotten by society, and all attention is on the girl. He even gave an example of how two average KCSE performers, who scored let’s say grade B, would have very different lives because of their sex. If a girl and a boy got the same grade and applied for a scholarship, the girl would have a higher chance of getting it. I agree, this is true.


I think that the whole empowerment movement is designed to bring women at the same level as men and to try and undo the wrongs that were done to them in the past. I am no historian, but from the past decades, women have a lot of catching up to do. From the times of our grandfathers who refused to take their daughters to school and the notion that the place for a woman is in the kitchen, society still has a way to go to get women on the same footing.

The uplifting of women does not mean that men’s power has been taken away from them. Once we understand this, then we shall be able to all celebrate women’s day without men feeling left out. Men should play a pivotal role in making the women in their lives aware that they can achieve anything they ever want to be, including their wives. Somehow, men would do anything for their mothers, sister and especially daughters. But their wives…they do not have that kind of commitment.


During the breakfast meeting, one of the panelists revealed that the best career decision a woman can make is in her choice of husband. I had never looked at it that way before, but now I see the exactly what she means. A man should not be intimidated by his wife, even when she is more ambitious than him. If he treats her with respect, love and supports her through all her endeavours, she will surely give him the respect he deserves and submit to him without a second thought.

For this, I am grateful, for I met a man who has never felt threatened by me and has encouraged me to be more. In fact, his support and love inspires me to be a better wife to him and to offer up even more of myself to him.

So, men, we need each other to survive in this world. We need powerful, confident men by our side. We cannot uplift you to your full potential if we feel downtrodden, taken for granted and unloved. Lift us up, so we can put you on the thrones you deserve.