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Upmarket club pays DJ Bash 80k after social media drama

Upmarket club Casa Vera Lounge located at the intersection of Ngong Road and Kaburu drive in Nairobi found itself part of a social media drama.

This was after one of the disk jockeys it hired for a Friday, August 19, 2022, gig exposed the club management for non-payment of services.

In the days after the gig, DJ Bash- the team leader of Bashment Crew and a radio DJ at HomeBoyz Radio- took to social media with a now-viral post showing him turning up at the club at 2 am to demand his dues.

In the video, he was captured confronting men who attempted to bar him from accessing the club to confiscate items to recover his unpaid dues.

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He said he was doing this because the club owner had told him to, “do what he wanted.”

DJ Bash then walks up to some bouncers manning the main entrance of the club, asking for the club owner before he scaled a barrier attempting to enter the premises.

It is then that temperatures rose and a shouting match ensued.

“Call your boss and tell him there is someone here to get his money. I see you have closed the club and the person who told you to close,” DJ Bash shouted at the security guards.

“Don’t talk to me. When I was here doing my work, did I talk to you? I haven’t been paid my money and I’m here for it. If I don’t get it, I’m taking the mixer from the DJ booth and I’m going home with it. When he pays me, he can have it back,” he said.

In the social media clip, DJ Bash continued with his rant, “Don’t turn off the camera. These people are trying to be clever here with me. Keep recording.”

“Your boss told me to do what I want if I was not paid by 11pm. It is now 2 am. Now, why have you closed the door?” DJ Bash shouted and argued with about three bouncers at the premises.

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Watch the drama as it unfolded below:

He also revealed that the club owner had asked him to pull down his social media posts about the non-payment, saying it was not healthy for anyone and that he would be paid at an agreed time.

It would appear the payment agreement had been breached, prompting Bash to head to the club.

It alleged that Casa Vera Lounge owed DJ Bash Sh 80,000 for his ‘Frenzy Friday’ gig as revealed in another of Bash’s online fights with one of Casa Vera’s influencers, musician KRG the Don.

DJ Bash’s fans joined him in demanding the club pay his dues to avoid further reputation damage as most wondered how an upmarket club could refuse to pay its DJs on time.

Most used this as a case study to demand clubs start paying their DJs well and on time.

On Monday, August 22, 2022, DJ Bash returned to social media to announce that the issue had been resolved and thanked the owners of Casa Vera Lounge.


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