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Uproar after police manhandle protesting Paralympics team – VIDEO

Police on Thursday forcefully evicted members of the Paralympics team who blocked off a section of Thika Superhighway to protest unpaid allowances.

The Kenya Paralympics team claim have not been paid allowances after returning from Morocco where they had participated in an international athletics tournament in April.

Police pushed and pulled Paralympians who were in wheelchairs and clutches in an attempt to disperse the protesters.

One officer was filmed dragging a Paralympic who was using clutches, but his colleagues held him firmly prompting the officer to let go.

Eye witnesses resorted to screams and shouts as the confrontation between the officer and two female paralympians who were in wheelchairs turned violent.

Stephen Joseph commented; “That officer is very ashamed after realizing what he has done, he tries chasing away onlookers. Too late Mr. already took videos of your inhumane and inconsiderate act on disabled victims of corruption by your seniors.”

James Kimanzi questioned; “How are police meant to serve the public if they can’t even hand persons of disability in a humane way?”

Nahashon Kimemia wrote; “How much force is necessary when you are dealing with people who have physical disabilities? Dragging a man on crutches, hitting a lady with a baton while she is on a wheelchair.”

Nyakwar Wanjiku stated; “Wao pia walikosea watu wengi sana why block the road, I missed an appointment today coz waliwa wamefunga barabara…I believe there is better channels of expressing their grievances.”