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Uproar in Nyayo estate over car stickers fee

Nyayo Estate.

A row pitting more than 4,000 residents of Nyayo Estate in Embakasi against a welfare association over payment of car stickers could be resolved in court.

Residents claimed that since they pay service charge directly to the National Social Security Fund—the estate’s managing trustee—they should be issued with free stickers to access their residences.

They claimed that guards manning the gates had been ordered to deny them access if they don’t pay Sh500, the cost of one sticker.

“The residents are aggrieved and inconvenienced by the harassment and constant denial of access to their houses through the main gates on the basis of car stickers,” said lawyer Mr Colbet Ojiambo, in a court notice to NSSF, Nyayo Estate Residents Association and property manager, Mr Kiragu Mwangi.

The residents claimed that  NERA was colluding with some officials at the social security fund to force them to pay Sh500 “while they have already paid service charge inclusive of security.”

They have given NSSF 14 days to sort out the matter and stop NERA from collecting the money or face legal action.


“We are informed that the car stickers are procured and sold by NERA to residents to raise revenue for its secretariat,” a demand notice to NSSF read in part.

The residents also want NERA stopped from levying other charges for use of common facilities such as the playground which have to be hired at a fee, they would seek legal redress.

School buses dropping pupils in the estate are charged Sh1,000 for the sticker.

“The residents said NERA had turned into a money minting business instead of a welfare association,” Mr Ojiambo said.

Some residents said NSSF had previously been petitioned to intervene but officials “shied away.”

“While residents appreciate the need to control access to the estate for security reasons, they object to the unilateral decision by NERA to forcefully sell them stickers to raise revenue for its affairs…furthermore, not all residents are NERA members,” they said.