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Urine issues? Come to me, Magoha tells journalists as he bids farewell

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha remains the most visible member of the cabinet in the aftermath of the August 9 2022 General Election with  CSs seemingly have gone underground.

As his colleagues mull over what will follow their departure from office, Prof Magoha has been going about his business across the country with gusto.

Prof Magoha has also made up his mind on what to do next. He’ll go back to his urology clinic practice.

On Wednesday, while bidding education journalists farewell, the veteran urologist invited those who might need his services to his clinic.

“I will miss you journalists, you played a big role. If you have issues with passing urine, pass by my clinic in Nairobi Hospital,” said Prof Magoha at Muhuri Muchiri Secondary School in Njiru, Nairobi.

He then posed for photographs with the scribes who he bashes at will, sometimes. The CS said he would continue working until he hands over to his successor.

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“This ministry cannot rest like others. I’ll need more encouragement than being bashed. You’ll continue to see me until such a time that I’m handing over to Mr or Ms X, then I can go back to my clinic,” he said.

Before his appointment to the ministry, Prof Magoha served as chair of the Kenya National Examination Council and previously as the Vice Chancellor of the University of Nairobi.

In addition to his urology work, Prof Magoha is a surgeon and has researched and published widely on Viagra, the sexual performance enhancing wonder drug.

In the run up to the elections, a number of CSs joined the campaign trail but not Prof Magoha who is understood to loathe politics.

He was once overheard saying: “I can never join a political party or wear a party t-shirt”.

Although his constant reminders that he only reports to “His Excellency Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta” sound sycophantic, his disdain for politics and politicians was best exemplified when his boss, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and other dignitaries danced the ‘Jerusalema’ routine at a function in Kisumu, Prof Magoha did not twitch a muscle. He stood still with his hands across the chest and his demeanour, although hidden by a facemask told it all.