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US-based Prophet warns President Ruto of impending storm

A US-based prophet known as Celestial has unveiled a dire message directed at President William Ruto.

The prophecy, delivered with a sense of urgency, warns of a storm on the horizon that President Ruto may find overwhelming.

The prophet, claims to have received a divine revelation for the Kenyan leader.

“God gave me a word for President William Ruto of Kenya, and he said to tell President William Ruto, you will have a storm on your hands. He said to tell him you will have more than you can handle because of my judgments coming against Kenya for apostasy and false prophets.”

The prophecy goes on to address the spiritual condition of Kenya, emphasising the nation’s historical identity as a place known for serving God.

However, the prophet laments the infiltration of apostasy and false prophets, distinguishing reprobate and apostate states.

Celestial explained that a reprobate is deeply given over to sin, almost beyond rehabilitation, whereas an apostate has known Jesus previously but has turned away from the gospel.

The prophecy suggests that Kenya once considered a nation of worshipers, is facing divine judgment for straying from its spiritual roots.

In a notable portion of the prophecy, the prophet extends the warning beyond Kenya, urging the United States to heed false prophets’ consequences.

The prophecy underscores the severity of the impact of false teachings, equating it to pouring sulfuric acid into the gospel’s water supply.

The prophecy also delves into predictions for the year 2024, forecasting a predominant feeling of insecurity, instability, fear, doubt, and rage.

The prophet suggests that people will transition from feeling anger to an immediate sense of rage, coupled with growing helplessness as events unfold.

Security concerns are highlighted, with a grim outlook on control over money, privacy, property, and the return of travel restrictions.

Looking further ahead to 2025, the prophecy forewarns of descending into chaos, a year where everything is predicted to fall apart, and the wheels will come off.

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