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US Embassy asks staff not to visit Kisumu on Supreme Court judgement day

The US Embassy in Nairobi has warned its staff not to visit Kisumu on the day the Supreme Court will deliver its ruling in an election petition involving Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga and President-elect William Ruto.

The Supreme Court judgment will be delivered on September 5, 2022.

Via a statement, the embassy suggests the lakeside city has witnessed post-election violence during election cycles and especially after the apex court makes its verdict.

“The Kenyan Supreme Court is scheduled to announce a ruling on the presidential results on September 5, 2022. Kenya has periodically experienced some post-electoral violence during election cycles,” the statement reads in part.

Besides imposing restrictions, the Embassy has reminded its citizens of the continued need for sustained vigilance.

According to the embassy, demonstrations may occasionally be violent, requiring police intervention. Strikes and other protest activities related to economic conditions occur regularly.

The statement comes barely a week after the US Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman visited Kisumu County in her first visit outside Nairobi since she reported to Kenya early last month.

Ambassador Meg, during her visit, said that the US has a number of programmes within the county and that the county was a beautiful place to be.

Prior to the announcement of the presidential results, the embassy had asked its citizens to avoid travelling to Kisumu due to election-related violence that could be reported.