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US Embassy issues terror alert in Nairobi

The US Embassy in Kenya has issued a terror alert to its citizens in the country, warning them of a possible attack on Nairobi.

In a statement published on its official website on Thursday, February 9, 2023 the US Embassy said the possible attacks could target areas where there is high foot traffic targeting areas frequented by foreigners and tourists in Nairobi and elsewhere in Kenya.

“Terrorist groups could attack with little or no warning, targeting hotels, embassies, restaurants, malls and markets, schools, police stations, places of worship, and other places frequented by foreigners and tourists,” part of the statement reads.

For precaution, the US Embassy asked American citizens to be vigilant at locations frequented by tourists or foreigners, review their personal security plans, be aware of their surroundings and monitor local media for updates.

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“Exercise vigilance at locations frequented by US citizens and other foreigners and tourists in Nairobi and elsewhere in Kenya continue to be attractive targets to terrorists planning to conduct potentially imminent attacks. Review your personal security plans, be aware of your surroundings, monitor local media for updates,” the statement reads.

However, the embassy has acknowledged security measures that the Kenyan government has put in place, including counterterrorism patrols.

Kenya has experienced several terror attacks in the past which have left dozens dead and many others injured.

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In 1998, the US Embassy in Nairobi was bombed by Al-Qaeda operatives who rammed its gate with a truck. A total of 213 people, including 12 Americans and 34 local embassy staff, died in the bombing.

Al-Shabaab has also staged a series of attacks on Kenyan soil since the country launched a military offensive against them in 2011 in an intervention dubbed “Operation Linda Nchi”.

Kenyan troops deployed in Somalia work alongside other forces from other countries including Uganda, Burundi and Djibouti under the African Union’s AMISOM coalition.

Last week, while giving a state of security in the country in the past 100 days, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki said they have stepped up the fight against the threat of terror.

“We have disrupted many terror plots at source, neutralised and/or arrested dozens of suspected terrorists, and destroyed a huge cache of weapons and explosives that could have badly harmed our people if they were not intercepted,” Kindiki said.

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